3 Life Hacks I Learned Over the Holidays

posted on January 16, 2020 | by Chelsea Becker

3 Life Hacks I Learned Over the Holidays

It seems like the Holidays always come and go so quickly. We start talking about them and planning them months before, and then just like “that” they’re over. In an effort to learn as much as I can from 2019, I decided to reflect on this past Holiday season and see if there’s anything I’d want to bring with me into the new year (or into the next Holiday season).

Use Amazon One-day Delivery for EVERYTHING.

Can I just say PRAISE BE for Amazon Prime?! I mean, what did us last-minute people do before it? Since having our LiftMaster myQ-connected garage door opener installed a couple months ago (which connects with Key by Amazon for in-garage delivery), I’ve been relying on the service for one-day deliveries like it’s my job, and honestly, it’s been a lifesaver. And it’s reminded me just how much I can get delivered and rest assured all of my deliveries are safe in the garage until I get home. It helped me big time over the Holidays and I’m definitely going to be doing a lot more ordering in 2020 because why make your life harder?

All you gotta do is link your myQ App to your Amazon Key App and select in-garage delivery at checkout. You will receive notifications during every step of the delivery process. So, as you’re running home from work and trying to wrap up everything last minute, you can have peace of mind that all of your packages are waiting for you safely in your garage – even if you waited ‘til the night before to order. GENIUS right?! Seriously, it’s worth being myQ-connected all year round.

Have gifts & thank you cards on hand.

This past season, I truly learned the art of keeping gifts on hand. I’m talking items that pretty much everyone likes – candles, wine, journals, bath stuff, etc. It’s so convenient when you’re heading to a party and need something for the host, or when you totally space getting your coworker a nice card for her birthday. You can do the same thing for wrapping paper, bags, and gift tags, too. It’s worth having these things on hand all year long!

You can’t go wrong with baked goods.

This might sound very Martha Stewart of me, but when all else fails, I bake. Even if it’s pre-made cookies that you throw in a cute little bag and tie a ribbon on, it counts. People hardly notice and usually love the touch of something sweet (or at least they pretend to!). And for those times when you gotta grab a gift card because you are THAT last minute, at least baked goods add a small personal touch.

OK guys, now that I’ve shared some life hacks I learned over the Holidays, I’d love to hear if you have any!

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