4 Quick Tips for Making An Outfit More Flattering

posted on July 22, 2018 | by Geri Hirsch

4 Quick Tips for Making An Outfit More Flattering

It’s funny how small changes can make a big impact in life – even when it comes to something like clothing. And as a new mama with a new body, I’m all about wearing things that flatter the figure as opposed to the opposite.

Even before having my daughter, I found that tiny tips can make something go from blah to flattering in a matter of seconds – and I’m pretty sure we’re all down for that, right? From finding the right proportions, to making sure you look pulled together with the right accessories, to saying goodbye to wrinkles, here are four of my tricks:

Know your proportions

Knowing your proportions and figuring out how to work with them goes a long way. Short legs? Try higher-waisted jeans and an open toe nude shoe to stretch those legs out from top to bottom. Short torso? Try a dropped waist dress so that it pulls the eye down making your mid area appear longer. See what I’m doing here?


The most basic outfit can be much more interesting with the addition of the right accessories. For summer, I love a simple but chic statement earring, a pretty sandal and a handbag that screams vacation like a woven clutch. Even with a basic monochrome outfit that you feel comfortable in, the accessories can elevate the outfit in a sec. No need to wear some new trend if it doesn’t work with your body; accessories fit all sizes and shapes!

flattering outfit


If ironing isn’t your thing, wrinkles still shouldn’t be either. Enter: A steamer. Fill this bad boy up with some water, gently steam your article of clothing and within minutes you go from mess to pressed, making any outfit more flattering.


Though we all have different shapes, something that we all have in common is that cinching the waist goes a long way. Especially if you have a larger mid section or chest, cinching your waist can save a piece from adding on extra pounds. Petite? A cinched waist will give the illusion of curves. Look for things like wrap dresses or even belting oversized items to get this effect. Or tie up a basic t-shirt to hit right where your bottoms start. Simple and on trend!

What are your secrets?

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