4 Things Bringing Me Joy These Days

posted on January 11, 2021 | by Megan Lierley

4 Things Bringing Me Joy These Days

Hi there! How’s it going?

Does it feel like the 10th week of January to anyone else? Between COVID breaking records in all the worst ways and last week’s violent assault on the Capitol, I’ve been working extra hard to hold onto the hope I felt waking up on the first day of a new year. Particularly in times of hardship, it feels important to cling to anything, no matter how small, that gives us a moment of hope and joy—so here are some of mine.

1. A bright, cheery journal

Papier journal

This journal comes in 6 bright colors and I just love the scalloped detail along the spine. And a fresh journal feels important to starting a new year on the right foot!

2. DIY Sundance

Sundance 2021

My parents lived in Utah for several years, and I fell in love with Sundance Film Festival. This year, it’s virtual, and you can see a film premiere for $15 (far less than a flight to Park City, accommodations, etc.!). These are the films on my radar: Sabaya, Misha and the Wolves, Superior, and Writing With Fire.

3. Learning to Cook With Alice Waters

Alice waters masterclass

My husband and I started our Masterclass education by watching this home cooking course together, taught by farm-to-table legend and Berkeley icon, Alice Waters. We are feeling so inspired, and honestly, even just watching her chop vegetables in her earthy Berkeley home feels so relaxing. (Also in my queue right now: Self Made Entrepreneurship with Spanx Founder Sara Blakeley; Interior Design with Kelly Wearstler; Creativity and Leadership with Anna Wintour, and at least a dozen others!)

4. Candlesticks

beautiful candlesticks

It’s dark at 4 PM, we’re home all day every day, and life (if you’re lucky) is feeling pretty monotonous. We started lighting fancy, dramatic candlesticks at dinner every night just to provide a small change of pace and bit of glamour. I love the hygge feeling of the farmhouse candlesticks pictured; these funky neon onestwisted candles in every color, and this midcentury modern trio.

What’s bringing you joy these days? I’m in particular need of podcast and audiobook recommendations if you have any! 🙂