5 Black Wellness Influencers You Need to Follow

posted on August 3, 2020 | by Heather Bien

5 Black Wellness Influencers You Need to Follow

If you’ve been around Instagram for any length of time, it’s no surprise that the wellness world can get a bad rap for a lack of diversity. Willowy, homogenous figures moving through vinyasas and sharing gluten-free recipes are the standard in the Instagram wellness world. From #fitspo to body positivity and intentional eating, there’s a message of acceptance and inclusion that hasn’t always directly translated to representation on the screen.

But, the tides are changing and Black influencers are changing the game in the wellness world. From those who focus on strength and spirit to feeds centered around holistic living and inspiration that will get you cooking nutrient-packed meals, these influencers are a diverse group representing the many facets that make up living well. Follow these women –– and discover others –– who will light up your Instagram feed and Insta stories with tips and lessons that will help you live more intentionally.

Phyllicia Bonnano | @phyllicia.bonnano

Phyllicia Bonanno

Image: @phyllicia.bonanno

As a yoga teacher focused on healing through reiki, crystals, sound therapy, and more, Phyllicia Bonnano’s feed will bring you a sense of peace and calm as you scroll through images and messages of compassion, self-care, support, and, of course, strong, inspiring yoga poses. Try not to get lost in the soft colors, lush plants, and sparkling crystals that grace her imagery and inspiring captions.

Jasmine Foster | @mashandspread

Jasmine Foster food photography

Image: @mashandspread

Warning: don’t open up Jasmine Foster’s feed hungry. This dietitian and food photographer takes the most drool-worthy photos of meals that will leave you happy and nourished. From simple recipes using whole ingredients to shortcuts that are doable, even with a busy schedule, this is a healthy eating account that is accessible, not just aspirational. You’ll scroll through recipes, like these salmon meatballs with creamy basil sauce or this Mediterranean chickpea salad, and think, “hey, I can do that!” You just needed Jasmine to give you the colorful inspiration…and the recipe.

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts | @chelsealovesyoga

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Image: @chelsealovesyoga

For those of you who’ve been relying on Peloton to get you through these stay-at-home months, you may recognize Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts –– she’s a Peloton fitness instructor who is bringing stability and power through her yoga and meditation classes (check out her Black Lives Matter classes!). Oh, and she also founded the Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp at the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art in Atlanta because she’s a powerhouse who’s bringing a message of storytelling through movement and art to young women in her community.

Lalah Delia | @lalahdelia

Lalah Delia

Image: @lalahdelia

If spiritual, strong quotes speak to you, Lalah Delia is a must-follow. A spiritual writer and author, she’s been featured on so many of the big name podcasts: Goop, Girlboss, Work Party, and more (here’s a secret: I love listening to writers’ podcasts appearances…they often speak in a magical cadence that then brings their work to life next time I read it). Her book, Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power, dives into how to raise awareness of and trust vibrations and energy –– you’ll find excerpts from it throughout her Instagram. One that may resonate with all of us in 2020: “When things don’t go as expected –– trust the reroute.”

Lauren Ash | @hellolaurenash

Lauren Ash

Image: @hellolaurenash

The founder of @blackgirlinom, a space for women of color to build community around meditation and holistic living, Lauren Ash is an innovated and leader in meditation and meditation-based yoga practice. If you want to incorporate the power of manifesting, journaling, and mind, body, spirit alignment into your life, Lauren is a must-follow in the wellness world. 

Now, let’s turn the tables! Share with us your favorite wellness influencers and let us know how you’re incorporating inclusivity and diversity into your own meditation or wellness practice.