5 DIY Home Projects to Freshen Up Your Space

posted on July 7, 2020 | by Heather Bien

5 DIY Home Projects to Freshen Up Your Space

Spring cleaning is wonderful, but organized pantries and spotless floorboards only go so far. Sometimes, you’re craving a change. You want something new to usher in all those warm-weather feelings. 

For these weekends at home, we have 5 DIY home projects to freshen up your space. And, several of them use only items and materials that you likely have at home, so no need to place a pickup order at your local hardware store!

Start Ticking Off that Punch List That’s Been Nagging You

We all have those items that have been staring at us for too many months (okay, years…). These are the projects that would only take a few minutes or hours –– if we’d buckle down and tackle them. Well, now’s the time. You probably have a free day or two at home. Write out that punch list and work your way through it. Those nail holes? Spackle them. Scuffs on the wall from that time you moved a few chairs around? Touch-up the paint. The towel hook that you know will make your mornings so much easier? Hang it. 

Break Out the Paints for an Abstract Canvas

You don’t have to go to art school to create something that you’re delighted to look at on the wall. And, while we love supporting emerging artists, creating something with your hands can be so fulfilling. Whether you have old acrylics lying around or some leftover wall paint, see what you can create. Consider using a ruler and tape to create a geometric composition or splatter on the canvas and see what sticks. Have a particular spot in your home that could use a piece of art? The beauty of creating your own is you can design something that is custom-designed for your space.

Shop Your Old Coffee Table Books for a New Gallery Wall

We don’t normally condone cutting up books but, if you have some empty frames lying around and a few coffee table books that would otherwise end up in the donate pile, see if there’s a stylish way to bring these two together. Old city photos, glamorous snapshots, abstract prints, typography, botanical drawings –– these are all images you may find in an old coffee table book that would also look chic in a frame. Another idea? Old calendars. Anthropologie, Rifle Paper, and others create beautiful large-scale annual calendars that have images ripe for framing.

Create Spaces that Work For Your Lifestyle Now

How you lived your life last year may not be how you live today. Take a long hard look at what’s working for you now in your space, then think about how you could rearrange your furniture and shop what’s already in your home to make it work better for you in the present moment. Maybe your guest bedroom could benefit from a yoga/meditation space. Push the bed up against the wall since it isn’t used often anyway and give your mat and a few crystals a more permanent home. Do you always find yourself gazing out a certain window? Consider moving a small chair and a table there for a reading nook. Make your space work in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle right now.

Try Out Your Green Thumb, No Matter How Small Your Space

If you live in the suburbs or out in the country, it probably goes without saying that your attention turns to a little bit of sprucing up and yard work this time of year. But, for those who live in urban areas, gardening is still a possibility! Look up your local garden center –– they’re probably doing delivery or curbside pickup –– and place an order for spring flowers, delicious herbs, or a few plants you’re pretty sure you can’t kill. You could do a small windowsill herb garden, a few planters on the fire escape, or turn your tiny patio into a lush oasis.

Remember, especially when we’re finding ourselves at home more often than usual, it’s important to create a space that you love! These are just a few of the easy DIYs that you can do around the house or apartment without dropping an arm and a leg on all new furniture. All it takes is a bit of creativity and repurposing what you already have!