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5 Healthy Habits I’ve Picked Up in my 30s

posted on August 14, 2018 | by Chelsea Becker

5 Healthy Habits I’ve Picked Up in my 30s

It’s no secret that as we age, it’s harder to feel (and stay) healthy. Metabolisms slow down, things hurt, and a night of shitty eating can come with more bloat than a balloon. But if you’re anything like me, you’ve actually started prioritizing your health more than any decade before. Maybe it was the combination of my body changing or finally wanting to feel better – but I’ve definitely stepped up my health game in my 30s. These 5 things have gotten me there!

Adding “good” food instead of removing “bad” food

In my twenties, I was lucky to get one serving of veggies a day – and they were coated with cheese. So as I searched for more energy and a general increase in nutrients in my thirties, I picked up the rule of veggies at every meal. It sounds hard, but it’s actually not. For me, it looks like a couple handfuls of spinach in my morning smoothie, celery/cucumber/carrots with hummus at lunch, and then a couple servings of veggies at dinner.

In general, I’ve really incorporated this attitude in my overall diet. Instead of restricting yummy food like bread or sweets, I simply eat a lot more healthy stuff first. If I want a slice of bread after my protein and veggie-filled dinner, I’ll eat one. But I’m usually full.

I think this mind trick is not only healthy for your overall body and mind – but it makes things much more enjoyable. It’s not only cut down on the amount of crap I eat, but it’s provided more vitamins, antioxidants, etc. Try it!

Wear SPF every single day

This doesn’t have to do with my figure, but it’s one of the healthiest habits I’ve picked up. I slather this non-toxic sunscreen on my face, neck, chest, and hands. You might not think about those areas, but they’re highly susceptible to skin cancer since they get so much direct exposure. Your hands get a ton when driving, so if you’re in the car often, don’t forget those bad boys.

Yearly doctor visits (if not more)

I avoided the doctor like it was the plague in my twenties. It cost money, I had to waste a sick day, and it just wasn’t fun. And while it’s still not fun, it’s important. Now, I actually go to my yearly checkups since as a 31-year-old, I’m getting older – and health slowly begins to diminish. I don’t mean that in a scary way, but it’s crucial to keep things in check as your body naturally changes.

I also see my dermatologist for skincare checks and never skip my bi-yearly dentist exams. Basically, I #adult when it comes to appointments now, and it actually feels good!

Consistency over intensity

When I thought about workouts in my twenties, I thought they needed to be some intense, calorie-burning thing to be successful. Not true! I’ve finally hit my stride when it comes to fitness in my thirties, and it’s because I gave up high-intensity workouts and cardio, cardio, cardio. I didn’t like those workouts, so I wasn’t doing them – which obviously isn’t a good plan.

Instead, I finally took time to find workouts I like and that feel good for my unique body. For me, that’s Pvolve, yoga, and hiking. No, I’m not burning 1,000 calories a session, but I’m staying strong, lean and flexible – all things that are important as we age.

I highly suggest finding a workout that works for you, no matter how intense it is. Consistency and how you feel is much more important.

Limiting booze

I know, BORING. But let’s be real, the hangovers aren’t worth it anymore. Plus, binging on booze can lead to weight gain, low energy, too much sugar, and a very unhealthy liver (among other things). I’ve realized that I don’t always need to have a drink at dinner – it was just a habit when going out. And there are other ways to relax than a glass of wine after work. For me, a bath, stretching, or reading relax me just as much – in a much healthier way.

I’d love to hear how you’ve become healthier in your 30s. Have you made any big or small healthy habits?