5 Tips for Planning a Girl’s Trip in Your 30’s

posted on December 9, 2019 | by Kelley Matney

5 Tips for Planning a Girl’s Trip in Your 30’s

Like most important relationships, friendships take nurturing and maintenance ( and to be honest there is no better way to create that important closeness and lifetime memories than to travel together.

Let’s be real though, everything about planning and going on a group trip can be trying and difficult. But there is no need to let that stop you before you even get started. Here are some tried and true tips for a smooth planning process. These tips are meant to make sure all your girlfriends feel heard in the process and hopefully decrease the number of passive-aggressive emails.

Read on, grab your group of friends and get going!

Plan farrrr in advance

This is the most difficult part of the planning process. With everyone’s competing responsibilities and plans, finding a date that works for everyone can be so complicated. That is why its best to start at least a couple of months in advance – sometimes even a year before you plan to leave. Rule of thumb the father you have to travel the farther in advance you should start planning.

Keep it in the sweet spot

Just being honest here. The bigger the group the more opinions that need to be juggled. It’s usually best to keep the group to people who have met before the trip so there is that level of comfort. Keep it to the core friend group. You also want to find the trip length sweet spot too. You could do a weekend getaway or a bit longer if everyone is able. Four to five days is ideal.

Put it all on the table at the beginning

At the beginning of the planning process, it’s important to put it all out on the table. Figure out the budget that everyone is comfortable with. Talk about people’s travel styles – some people are stricter and stick to a schedule and others are more go with the flow. It’s important for everyone to be aware of these things ahead of time to prevent hurt feelings. Talk about the things that are most important to you in the planning of this trip.

Allow for downtime in the schedule

Some of the best bonding can be done on the couch with some glasses of wine. So even if you are traveling together, downtime is important for that really valuable face time. Some of my favorite memories from a recent girl’s trip came from us all cuddling in bed in the morning laughing about the previous day’s activities.

Make a shared album

Creating a shared album is an amazing way to relive the memories. Some friends are better at capturing memories than others. Whether through iPhone shared albums or Google drive, keeping all the awkward attempts at group selfies in one place means everyone will have something to remember.

What are some important things to remember when planning a girl’s trip? Where is your favorite place to travel with a group of friends?