5 Ways to Improve Your Skin When You’re Tired AF

posted on October 17, 2018 | by Chelsea Becker

5 Ways to Improve Your Skin When You’re Tired AF

Here’s the thing about being a 30 something: you want to take better care of yourself, but you have a whole lot less energy than you did in your twenties. So how do you mix the two when it comes to beauty – particularly skincare (something I’ve become obsessed with this decade)? You find ways that accomplish change really quickly or to multi-task the hell out of your skincare routine. And don’t worry, I’ll cover ways to deal with skin that’s tired AF, too.

Ice Roll

There are a bunch of face rolling trends (like the jade roller or this roller that’s supposed to get rid of a double chin), but my personal fave? The ice roller! This is basically the 30-year-old’s cure for everything. Tired skin? This will wake it up. Puffy eyes from too much wine or not enough sleep? Holding this over your eyes will help with inflammation. Hungover? Roll this on your temples ASAP. But when it comes to skincare, this is the cure-all.

Keep it in your freezer and pull it out after you go through your morning skincare routine (even if that’s just moisturizer). Then, roll upwards and outwards towards your temples on the side of your forehead. Once you get to your jaw, roll downwards down your neck to your collarbone. Do this for a few minutes and you’ll depuff and add life to your skin. Plus it feels soooo good.

Face mask

Never underestimate a face mask! It’s the ultimate way to multi-task…or lay in bed while your skin gets love. You can even do some masks overnight so you can literally sleep while it works – and what’s better than that? Depending on what your skin needs, here are the ones I return to on the reg.

If my skin is dull, this Herbivore brightening mask gives me LIFE. When I’m breaking out or my pores are huge, this Tata Harper mask takes care of things. If I need to run errands while masking, this Summer Fridays mask goes on clear so it’s legit. And for my favorite 2-in-1, this Kora mask brightens and exfoliates at the same damn time! Genius.

When it comes to sheet masks (probably the easiest mask ever, other than overnight ones), I love this one. And then I like to keep this mask on overnight – I literally wake up with new skin, in the best way.

Use energizing products

OK so now let’s cover actual tired skin. One of the best ingredients for skin that needs a pep is caffeine, so look for products that contain it. This eye cream will change your life by way of depuffing and livening up dark circles. A little goes a long way, too!

These cucumber eye pads are also my go-to when my under eyes are crying for help. I just put them on while I’m making breakfast or getting dressed and they work pretty quickly. If I have time, I’ll leave them on for longer. Just be sure to let the product soak in after you take them off. Pro tip: Keep them in the fridge for extra coolness!

Up your veggies + water intake

This tip isn’t as fun as a fancy face mask, but it’s definitely as efficient. We all have to eat anyways, so try to incorporate veggies at every meal (which I talked about here). And try to much on foods that are known to be good for your skin, like broccoli, tomatoes, eggs, salmon, carrots, avocados, and even dark chocolate!

On top of that, drink alllll the water. This will help with your overall complexion and the tiredness so it’s a win-win. Set an alarm on your phone for 8 times a day and make sure you down a big ass glass of water each time. It’s boring and we’ve heard it before, but it works!

Switch to clean ingredients

Other than doing the research (which we’ve actually already done for you), this takes literally zero time. But using clean, non-toxic products can do so much for your skin. I’ve noticed less breakouts, less redness, and overall improvement by making the switch – likely due to using less ingredients and chemicals. And when products work better, that’s even less time to worry about applying more, right? Right. Here are my favorite clean beauty products that are affordable!

How do you handle tired skin? Share your secrets, too pleeeease.

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