7 Clean Beauty Products You Need This Decade

posted on August 29, 2019 | by Chelsea Becker

7 Clean Beauty Products You Need This Decade

The clean beauty movement is in full swing, but it’s actually something I’ve been playing around with for years now. I was an early believer because I love what it stands for (which I talked about here) and to this day, 90% of my beauty products are considered clean. But what I use now vs. what I used 5 years ago has changed drastically.

For one, products have gotten SO much better – and the level of inventory is incredible And two, skin in your 30s is a whole new ballgame.

As a new (tired) mom, with lines and wrinkles starting to appear (fun!) and a history of too many days in the sun (or tanning beds anyone?), I’ve got shit to deal with! If you’re a 30-something who also lives for a product that helps with this decade, I’ve got you.

Dark Circle Radiance Cream

I never noticed dark under eyes or even eye circles until I had my son and now holy f*ck. I NOTICE THEM! While a killer concealer is totally necessary (I like this one), an eye cream is a non-negotiable. Not any ol’ eye cream, it’s gotta be one that brightens and targets dark, puffy eyes – like this guy. I pat this on before I do anything – even before I brush my teeth…#priorities – and I feel a little better about myself.

A highlighter

I’m not talking about some glittery powder to put on your cheekbones – leave that for the 23-year-olds. I’m talking about something that can mimic a youthful glow when you don’t have it happening naturally. And that’s by way of this Tower 28 Highlighter Balm. This brand is new and awesome and their highlighter is a favorite of mine. I also like the RMS Luminizer but I prefer that for nighttime since it does have a hint of shimmer.

Retinol Serum

I was scared of retinol for years because the first time I tried it I used it every night for a week and my skin basically peeled off. Don’t do that! Instead, get yourself a gentle version (Honest makes one for $25 which I use and recommend) and start with a couple of nights a week, then build up. Retinol is necessary as we age because it legit reduces lines and wrinkles as that’s what it targets specifically. This version has a mix of hyaluronic acid which is crazy hydrating, too.

An ice roller

OK well technically this isn’t *clean* but it’s doesn’t have any ingredients so basically it’s just a tool that you need in your life! Trust. I roll this bad boy over my face at least a few times a week. Usually after a shitty night of sleep, too much vino, a headache, or honestly whenever I need a boost. It works to depuff your entire face and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Keep it in the freezer and pull it out while you make your coffee. Best. combo. EVER.

Honest Everything Balm

I am a sucker for any multitasking product these days, and so I desperately need an everything balm in my life. You do too, probably. This is basically like Vaseline or something you can use on cuticles, dry eyebrows, around your eyes, lips, on your baby, everywhere. But the thing that sucks about Vaseline or Aquafor? It’s full of petroleum and really toxic for you (and Mother Nature)! I love this clean swap from Honest and have about 12 floating in my car, bathroom, baby’s room, purse, you name it. I swear, Vaseline addicts, you’ll love this stuff even more!

Goop Instant Facial

Please don’t kill me when you look at this price tag – I know it’s bougey AF. But you guys, this shit is incredible. I put off trying it for years because of the $$ but after hearing countless insane reviews, I had to try it. My skin honestly has never looked better than the days after using this. Like, not even after a facial. It’s exfoliating and brightening and some sort of magic because wow, I glow like crazy after it. It even looks like I’ve been sleeping!

PS, if you have sensitive skin, only leave this on for 2 minutes and don’t plan on going out after because your skin can get kinda red. I use mine the day before an event – or let’s be real, just once a week because I don’t go to cool events.

A tinted moisturizer

File under things I won’t leave the house without. A tinted moisturizer is another multi-tasking product I’m obsessed with. It blurs redness or dull skin, has moisturizer in it, and if you’re smart (which you are), you’ll find one with SPF too. Bam bam bam! I like Suntegrity’s and find that it blends nicely.

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