Clean Beauty That’s Actually Affordable

posted on September 11, 2018 | by Chelsea Becker

Clean Beauty That’s Actually Affordable

While I’m a big fan of clean beauty, the price tags are another story. Even though I know that using non-toxic products are much safer (and usually better for the environment), they can also be a lot more expensive. As in hundreds of dollars for a face oil! It’s one of the reasons I still don’t have a full “clean” arsenal of skincare and makeup, to be honest. Safety is important to me, but so is paying my rent.

As I work on moving further away from harmful beauty products, I’m trying my best to have all clean products. And sure, I’ll splurge on an expensive brand that I love here and there (looking at you goop), but for the most part, that clean beauty is from affordable brands. Like the ones below!

Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore is one of my favorite clean brands, and lucky for all of us, the price is reasonable. For example, I’ve had the same Brighten mask for a good 6 months and I use it weekly. That’s a lot of clean applications for under $50! They also have a quality jade roller (lots of what you see on the Internet is fake jade); I’ve had mine for years. And you will never find me without their Coco Rose lip polish, which is so much better for your lips than Vaseline. Not to mention their packaging is minimal and pretty on the shelf!

Josie Maran

Funny enough, I start using this brand before clean beauty was even a trending thing (and before I knew what it was!). A model turned beauty mogul and mama, the founder of this company had a mission to make clean beauty more accessible – which she’s done! I use her Argan Oil (Light) on everything from my face to the ends of my hair and it’s light enough not to break me out (I have acne prone skin). Her highlighter stick is $16 and freaking amazing for a little glow, too.

affordable clean beauty

The Honest Company

I’ll admit, I don’t love every single product from Jessica Alba’s clean-living line, but her beauty stuff rules. I think I’ve tried 90% of the product and everything is super reasonable. I definitely own more of this line than anything else when it comes to skincare and cosmetics, so the love is real. I especially like the Glow Primer ($21) for an everyday non-makeup look, their gentle cleanser ($12), and their Everyday Moisturizer ($27). Ugh and the retinol and cream blush are so, so good. More of my faves below!

Shea Moisture

You’ve probably seen this brand at places like Target, and for the most part, it’s really clean. It’s likely one of the most affordable brands of natural, safer beauty, with products. Their Deep Treatment Hair Masque is only $11! I’ll link the items I’ve tried and liked before, but this is a great starting point when you want to eliminate chemicals and stay on budget.


Speaking of Target, Pacifica is another brand you’ll see in the Natural Beauty aisle. Do yourself a favor and try it! I honestly can’t believe how amazing this brand is for the price; the quality is insane. Their BB Cream is the best I’ve tried, and it’s not only clean but $15. Umm yes please! I usually apply this over the Honest Primer mentioned above for days I want coverage but don’t want a full face on. Their Correcting Creams are also amazing because they literally fix any pigmentation. For me, I’m always red so I live for the green color. Lastly, finding clean sunscreen is a pain in the ass price wise, so this is my go-to.

I’ve also heard great things about The Ordinary and Lily Lolo but haven’t tried these brands yet. Let me know if you have and what you think! And be sure to share any affordable clean beauty that I might be missing.


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