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Personal DevelopmentProductivity | by Aswathy Suresh

Habit Stacking: What It is And Why You Should Try it This Fall

Start meditation Exercise daily Cook more often Quit smoking Less online shopping Yes, this is a list of New Year’s resolutions someone made… and completely forgot about somewhere around January 22nd. I…

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Mental Health | by Kelley Matney

Going for Therapy for the First Time at 32 Years Old

I have always been supportive of the idea of therapy. While therapy can be a stigmatizing or taboo topic for many, to me it seemed like a benign matter that…

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CareerProductivity | by Sanhita Mukherjee

How to Boost Morale When You’re Working Alone

You put together a fantastic deck, send it to that hard-to-impress client, and receive glowing feedback. Now, normally you’d swivel around to share the great news with your team. Perhaps…

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| by Caitlyn Campbell

5 Ways to Get Yourself and Your Home Ready for Fall

September is one of my favorite months because the leaves start to change color, the temperature starts to cool down, and we can wear cozy sweaters while enjoying hot drinks…

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Interiors | by Heather Bien

Nostalgia and Needlepointing: The Rise of Grandmillennial Style

When anxieties are running high, some of us turn to comfort food, favorite movies from childhood, or increasingly frequent visits home. We’re all looking for that return to the good…

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Family | by Mariel Santiago

7 Online Pregnancy Resources For Expecting Parents

I’m pregnant for the first time, living overseas during a pandemic. I think it’s fair to say that I’m feeling more isolated than ever. I’m fortunate that I have friends…

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Personal Development | by Heather Bien

5 Newsletters We Can’t Get Enough Of

The well-curated newsletter is having a moment –– again. Climbing out from years of overflowing unread numbers and far too many promo emails, millennial readers have now resurrected an appreciation…

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Fashion | by Heather Bien

What Is a Nap Dress And Can It Wake Up Your Pandemic Wardrobe?

You’ve probably seen more than a few friends twirling through their Insta stories giddily proclaiming their newfound dedication to the nap dress. And, there seems to be another new designer…

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