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Love | by Kelley Matney

How The Worst Year of My Life Was The Best Year of My Marriage

Stressful life events can put a strain on any relationship, especially a marriage. A couple years ago, my partner and I went through several stressful events one right after another….

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Healthy LivingMental Health | by Molly Bender

How Being Aware of What Motivates You Can Make You Happier

Do you ever examine the reason why you do certain things? You know, really get to the bottom of why you’re going to work (to make money), playing the guitar…

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Organization | by Caitlyn Campbell

The Easy Seasonal Hack to Keep Your Closet Organized

When “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” came to Netflix, I was hooked after the first episode. Her method is considered revolutionary. It’s why the show and her book are so…

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Travel | by Ashlea Cook

5 Ways to be a Tourist in Your Hometown

Recently, the battle with my ‘regular life’ has seemed increasingly intense. I just moved back to my hometown after living in New York City and Philadelphia for the past 5…

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Love | by Megan Lierley

The 411 on a Low Libido

As the managing editor of a women’s health blog that covers, among many topics, sex and intimacy, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I get asked a lot…

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Career | by Kelley Matney

Why I Don’t Let My Job Define Me

We live in a society that puts a big emphasis on what “we do.” It is literally one of the first questions we ask someone when we meet them. “So,…

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FamilyFriendship | by Heather Bien

5 Ways to Bridge the Kids-No Kids Gap

Somewhere soon after our 30th birthdays, the conversations about children turned from someday into, “I’m thinking of going off birth control…”. Or, at least it did for my friends. I’m…

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Personal Development | by Megan Lierley

6 Books to Read in Your Thirties

Some of my earliest memories include lying on a couch, zooming through a Babysitter’s Club book over the course of an afternoon, and excitedly jumping up to tell my mom…

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