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Interiors | by Amanda Holstein

How to Create a Makeshift Home Office

Well, I don’t think this topic could have come at a better time. Since the majority of us are stuck at home as we wait out the coronavirus situation, I…

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Organization | by Chelsea Becker

3 Life Hacks I Learned Over the Holidays

It seems like the Holidays always come and go so quickly. We start talking about them and planning them months before, and then just like “that” they’re over. In an…

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Family | by Kelley Matney

How to Deal With Difficult Relatives over the Holidays

The holiday season is a joyous and magical time; all the twinkle lights, music, delicious treats, presents and cheer. However, at the same time, it can also be full of…

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Social Life | by Ashlea Cook

5 Conversation Starters that will Put Holiday Small Talk to an End

December has arrived, holiday parties are in full swing, and so is the infamous small talk that occurs at each of these shindigs. Over and over we reminisce on how…

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Social Life | by Chelsea Becker

3 Lessons to Learn from My First Hosting Hot Mess

My husband and I bought our first home earlier this year so as the holidays approach, we’re basically volunteering to host just about everything. I mean, I’ll never turn down…

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Personal Development | by Heather Bien

There’s Enough to Go Around: Saying Goodbye to Scarcity Complex

Think about the last time a peer of yours got something you’d been wishing for in your professional, personal or financial life. Maybe it was a new job, a raise,…

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Travel | by Chelsea Becker

4 Easy Ways to Make Holiday Travel Less Stressful

This year will be the first — in probably a decade — that I’m braving the airports in December. I’ve always spent the month as close to home as possible…

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Travel | by Vanessa Peers

Why I Choose to Take Solo Trips in My 30s

Not everyone prioritizes travel to the same extent that I do. Because of that, and for a number of other reasons as well including children and other family commitments, financial…

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