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Finance | by Niala Kalola

I’m in My 30s and Haven’t Saved. Help!

It can be scary to realize that you’re in your thirties and maybe haven’t saved as much as you hoped. Or worse, maybe you don’t even have an emergency savings…

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Healthy LivingMental Health | by Molly Bender

How + Why to Successfully Meditate, For Real This Time

I thought I had tried everything to cure my anxiety. At one point, during an especially sleepless night, I even ordered an oil diffuser and lavender essential oil from Amazon…

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Friendship | by Kelley Matney

Here’s How to Maintain Friendships Through Different Stages of Life

As we grow older and are saddled with more and more responsibilities, one thing that really takes a hit is our friendships. Our other relationships, like partners and family, typically…

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Travel | by Vanessa Peers

4 Tips to Help You Make the Most of a Work Trip

Before I took my first work trip, the idea of traveling for work always seemed quite glamorous – a fully paid trip to a new place, count me in! What…

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LoveMental Health | by Caitlyn Campbell

How to Be Supportive When Your Partner Struggles with Mental Health

Mental health is usually a sensitive subject for people. It’s a personal struggle that can feel never ending, and too often people suffer in silence rather than admit that they’re…

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Career | by Megan Lierley

The Career Advice I Totally Ignored – And I’m So Glad I Did

When I graduated from college, I was thrilled to commit to a two-year fellowship as a high school English teacher in New Orleans. A year and a half in, I…

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Fashion | by Chelsea Becker

6 Tips for Getting Dressed After Having a Baby

Before I had my son 4 months ago, I put a lot of thought into recovery and my body after baby. I had ice packs for my boobs, pads for…

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Wedding | by Heather Bien

The Case for Staying Off Social Media on Your Wedding Day

You may have spent hours obsessing over the perfect hashtag, but there’s one thing you should consider avoiding when you’re the bride: posting on social media. We know you’re thrilled…

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