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7 Things to Do For a Feel-Good Fall

posted on October 24, 2019 | by Cat Aquino

7 Things to Do For a Feel-Good Fall

We just got our fall weather here in the South, so I am full-on embracing all the fall things (finally!). While we are almost ending October, it’s not too late to set yourself up to have a great fall. I know the impending holidays can be a little overwhelming, but I find if I can allow myself to look ahead around two weeks at a time it seems a lot more manageable. Fall is a wonderful season of letting go and time to turn inward, and I hope this list helps in creating a calm, rich fall season.

Plan it out

There are only a few months left before 2020 (let that sink in), but before you panic, pull up all the events from things you have already committed to and fill them all in your calendar. Your child’s school commitments, your own volunteer obligations, events, etc. all need to be mapped out until the new year. What can also be helpful is to start lists of things that may need to be done before said events with alerts attached as well for when things get hectic (which you know they will). Be sure to schedule some downtime, too. It might help you say no to those last-minute requests of your time and energy.

Create a fall capsule wardrobe

One of the most stressful decisions we can make is what to wear because it’s a daily thing. I like to look at the week ahead on Sunday’s and pull things for certain workouts, special events, and even carpool outfits. When I change out my clothes per season I always make a donation or sell pile of clothes I didn’t touch the entire season. If you didn’t wear them this year, chances are you won’t next year. Layering is big during the fall in the South, so I can keep some things out longer but the really summery materials and patterns I pack away labeled and ready for next year. I like to buy a few staple pieces for the new season, for instance: a great new pair (or two) of boots, jeans, a few new blouses, and dresses. I try to be more intentional about what fits my personal style so I don’t fall prey to Instagram swipe ups.

Make time for self-care

Fall can be a really special time with friends and family but don’t forgot to build in time for yourself! Your skin and body need different things this season, and fall is a good time to reevaluate what those things are. Even if it’s just a face mask on Sundays or skipping a workout to catch up on a good book. Make time to recharge so you don’t get burnt out.

Click here for a great article on how to implement self-care in everyday life when you are pressed for time.

Be intentional of fall traditions

There are so many local fun things that only happen during the fall. Check online for local pumpkin patches, fall festivals, and other fun seasonal things to do on the weekends (hiking weather is here). Not all fall fun is outside though! It’s also fun to have home activities when the weather becomes too much. I think it is a nice balance to plan all the bonfires with friends to firesides at home with family.

Refresh your kitchen pantry and spice cabinet

With a new season comes new spices, baking staples, and produce to make all your fall treats. It’s time to switch out popsicle molds for the slow cooker, as fall brings on all the hearty soups, and comforting baked goods. It makes life easier to have those ingredients more present and easier to find. I got my pantry in line with the help of The Home Edit’s book, “The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your Home Goals” (on Amazon for less than $15). They are Nashville-based organizers to the stars and their book makes organizing accessible to anyone.

Call friends now to plan holidays

I know, it’s only the middle of fall but you know what parties I attend the most during the holidays!? The ones I knew about FIRST. If you know you want to host the Friendsgiving or whatever, reach out to friends and see what weekends work; chances are they might be somewhat free now. I know things will pop up for some people last minute, but for the most part friends will be able to spend time with you if they know about it a decent amount of time in advance. Typically invitations should go out one month to two weeks in advance.

Give yourself grace if things don’t go “according to plan”

Your Pinterest-inspired recipe go up in flames? Child have a meltdown at the pumpkin patch and you didn’t snag your perfect picture for Instagram? Take a big breath and realize not everything is going to be smoothe, no matter how much you try and plan or organize. Take the season as it comes, and enjoy the moments that do go right. I know, easier said than done, but it could help to have a more satisfying season.

What are you looking forward to this season?