Tips for Organizing Your Closet in 60 Minutes

posted on October 4, 2018 | by Conni Jesperson

Tips for Organizing Your Closet in 60 Minutes

As a wardrobe stylist and closet organizer, one of the biggest struggles I see women going through is the desire to have a clean and organized closet but the lack of time and/or knowing where to start. There are so many other life priorities that our closets often get neglected. But knowing that an organized closet can actually save you time getting ready in the long run, it’s worth a little energy spent in the short term! While a major re-organization session can take up to an entire afternoon, here are some quick tips for organizing your closet in under an hour – for real this time.

Before you start: Assess Your Closet

If you have a large walk in closet like Amanda, you’ll want to take this a section at a time over a couple of days. If you have a smaller, more manageable closet, chances are you can tackle this in one sitting! Have a few trash bags (for trash) and cardboard boxes (for donating) on hand to help with organizing.

organizing your closet

Minute 0-20 | Step 1: Remove Items One Section at a Time

Start by taking everything in one section out of your closet. Start with shoes, move on to accessories, then on to larger clothing items such as dresses/skirts/pants then tops/blouses. If your closet is larger, just work on one section and schedule another section the following day or so.

Minute 20-40 | Step 2: Unclutter then Organize

Unclutter by tossing things that are trash (ie: clean out your purse pockets, etc) in the trash bags and put items you haven’t worn/used/or are in poorer condition in to cardboard boxes for donation. Put back only the items you absolutely love and use on a regular basis. If you need to make a few piles, you can organize them into:

-Throw away
-Put back

Minute 40-60 | Step 3: Reorganize your items to fit your Lifestyle

What do you wear/use most often? Put those items front and center in your closet so you can efficiently pull them out on a regular basis. Want to mix it up a bit? Try mixing in pieces you don’t wear as often with the ones you do and push yourself to throw one of those items on with a regularly worn piece. Other ways to organize your items?

-By Color
-By Theme (ie: work, casual, dressy, weekend)
-By Outfit (group up pieces you always wear together that way you have outfits ready to go!)

organizing your closet

Finish up by storing excess hangers in a small container in the front of your closet or at the front of your closet rod, for easy access to hanging your items back up after wear. For future closet clean outs, consider adding these items to help keep your closet more organized than ever. With these quick and easy steps, this should help alleviate closet overwhelm and lead to a more organized closet!

What tips have helped keep your closet organized? What struggles to you tend to face when keeping your closet organized?

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