Where to Shop as a 30 Something

posted on August 20, 2018 | by Geri Hirsch

Where to Shop as a 30 Something

Believe it or not, shopping in your 30s has its perks! For example, you probably have a little more disposable income to work with, your personal style is most like established making it easier to hone in on what you like, and you’ve probably garnered a handful of pieces that make your closet particularly special to YOU. All of this means you’re more likely to have the wardrobe you actually want. Dreeaaaam!

So where should you shop in your 30s once the days of Forever 21 are behind you? A few suggestions and some of my fave picks:


A refined wardrobe has really well made basics and Everlane is a great resource for that. It’s exceptional quality made with fine materials in ethical factories and it won’t break the bank. Excellent items for work as well.

End-of-season sales

Mastering the end-of-season sales at Saks, Barneys, Neimans, Bergdorf, etc. is how I’ve managed to add some really beautiful shoes, bags and pieces to my wardrobe that I otherwise couldn’t have justified. The key is going the day these sales start before the racks have been cleared off by other black-belt shoppers, then again mid-sale once the returns have come in. If you don’t live near any of these retailers, luckily it’s all online – don’t skip Net-a-Porter either!


Dress heaven! From flirty minis to chic midis, this is a go-to these days. They also have great bathing suits for 30 Somethings (among accessories, denim, etc). If you haven’t experienced the sustainable brand that is Reformation yet, please check them out. They even sell the brand at Nordstrom these days – they’re that good.


So yummy! Think beautiful boho yet styled dresses, chunky sweaters, and materials you’ll want to live in forever.


This probably isn’t a surprise, but if it is, you’re welcome! Another great stop for basics, Madewell. Think lots of denim, stripes, comfy tee’s, and utility jackets. I really dig their jewelry, shoes, and accessories game in general, too. They have sales somewhat often, so if you’re eyeing a piece, sign up for their newsletters to learn about markdowns.


Whether it’s a vintage blazer, a killer dress or a pair of gently worn Manolo’s adding vintage pieces will make your closet more interesting. In LA, I love Recess, Decades and Wasteland but truth be told, The Real Real is my go-to.

Ulla Johnson

Such a beautiful designer and her pieces are major. Everything is very boho meets feminine in a modern way, and she’s always a go-to for events or special pieces.

Others worth mentioning: Christy Dawn in LA, Modern Citizen in SF, Rachel Comey, Ozma, and Freda Salvador.

Where else do you like to shop as a 30 something? Let us know!