Master Closet Makeover: Before & After

posted on August 15, 2018 | by Amanda Holstein

Master Closet Makeover: Before & After

One of the best things about our house is our spacious master closet. Not much in this house is spacious (particularly our master bathroom), but I can’t complain about the size of our closet! It’s a full walk-in with enough space for both of our clothes. The only problem is, whoever built it must have been going through something because it literally makes no sense. Giving it a much-needed makeover made all the difference in the world.


When we first moved in, we knew it needed some work but we used it as is. We brought in two dressers, one for each of us, some shoe racks and that’s about it. We hung all of our clothes on one long rack (that clearly was bending in the middle) and had some shelves above for other items. Clearly, I couldn’t reach those shelves very well because that just turned into a catch-all of random crap. There wasn’t an easy place to keep our laundry bin and I hated having my shoes hidden on the floor under all of my hanging clothes. What was once an exciting walk-in was now a hot mess. See for yourself…

The Plan

So we decided to team up with California Closets to help us create a closet that uses the space more efficiently (and matches our style!).

I had no idea how useful a custom closet would be. When the designer came over, she literally measured everything in order to create a design meant to hold our clothes. She measured how much space my long items took up on the hangers, how much space my shorter items took up, the exact number of shoes we each had, and more. It was also super fun getting to select some nice finishes that went with the rest of our house, like the linen drawer fronts and the oil-rubbed bronze hardware.


Having built-in drawers, and the right number of shelves for all of my things is a total game-changer. Somehow we have more room in our closet because each side doesn’t just into the center of the room as much. We even have a space for our laundry built-in to the system. I love having a designated spot for everything, including a scarf rack, an area for my jewelry, and even a rod I can hang stuff on for steaming. I gotta say, getting ready in the morning has been way more enjoyable!

What a difference, right??

A huge thank you to California Closets for doing such an incredible job!

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