The Virtual Gym I Trust For Actually Achieving My 2021 Fitness Goals

posted on February 22, 2021 | by Megan Lierley

The Virtual Gym I Trust For Actually Achieving My 2021 Fitness Goals

Even though these early months of the year are supposedly for goal-setting and resolution-making, I hesitated to even mention “fitness goals” in the title of this post. We recently experienced an assault on the U.S. Capitol, many of us are restlessly wait our turn for the vaccine, and personally, I’m still very much reeling from 2020 and feeling in transition. So, no, getting a six pack isn’t really on my radar right now. 

That being said, the single best thing I did for myself in 2020 (aside from moving from the city to my parents’ house and getting a puppy) was investing both money and time into a fitness regimen I actually liked. Because, washboard ab aspirations aside, I know I feel better when I sweat every day. I have more energy for the things I love and I feel sharper when I sit down to work. Aside from the mental benefits of working out, I also love feeling strong. I remember a fitness instructor once saying that her motivation for arm workouts is the ability to always lift her suitcase into the overhead bin without help. Yes. Self-sufficiency, strength, a sharp mind, a happy, healthy body…those are my 2021 “fitness” goals. 

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My husband, on the other hand, wants to take this time to increase muscle (although I know he’d agree with all the benefits I mentioned, too!). We were both thrilled when I had the opportunity to partner with Tempo, and having a home gym has changed both of our lives for the better. First, let me talk you through what it is and how it works. 

Tempo is an award-winning, all-in-one home fitness studio with world-class trainers and a constantly growing library of 500+ live and on-demand classes. Both my husband and my favorite part and what sets Tempo apart from other home gym equipment out there is a 3D sensor that provides real-time feedback—it counts your reps for you and prompts you to correct your form so you don’t hurt yourself or develop unhealthy habits. As someone who relies on the expertise of my fitness instructors especially when I’m lifting weights, this takes the fear and guesswork out of my routine and makes me feel confident to try new things. On top of that, it’s super sleek and minimalist and takes up very little space (about the same amount as a chair). When friends see it in the background of a Zoom call, they’re always amazed by how cutting edge and futuristic it looks (and when we did a house swap with one friend who got to try it, he told me he achieved in one hour with Tempo what normally takes him two on his own!). 

While I’ll admit I was initially intimidated as I unwrapped the Olympic rubber-coated weight plates, barbell, and dumbbells, in my months using Tempo, I’ve realized there was no cause for concern. I approach working out with more of a take-it-day-by-day approach—sometimes opting for a 60 minute high intensity interval training, but far more often choosing a 15-25 minute workout or even a stretch class or detox flow. The coaches are so helpful both with form and positive encouragement that I Iove showing up on the mat (yes, it also comes with a sleek, sticky mat which I also now use for yoga — speaking of, Tempo will be releasing yoga classes soon, too) and not having to think much, just diving right in and feeling genuinely happy to be there. 

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My husband, meanwhile, has loved experimenting with some of Tempo’s workout plans, where you commit to a 6-week stretch with a coach (he’s currently “enrolled” in Fight Camp, a combination of strength, HIIT, and mobility with Coach Colby). He appreciates the motivation that comes with making a commitment; similar, he says, to signing up for a group workout class in the “before times” and knowing you were going to go or you’d lose money (except of course with Tempo you don’t lose any money…it’s just nice to have someone else plan your workouts for you with targeted goals/body areas in mind!). 

As someone who heavily relied on the community and encouragement of group fitness classes pre-pandemic, I spent the first few months not doing much of anything and worrying that I’d be able to find motivation while gyms remained closed. I’ve been so delighted to see that I can in fact be motivated by an almost-life size coach cheering me on from a screen in my family room. And even if you’re still crossing your fingers for a springtime vaccination and a swift return to “normal,” my husband recently told me that he won’t be purchasing a gym membership again because of Tempo. Even when we can once again frequent our favorite haunts maskless with groups of loved ones, Tempo will be an important piece of our household and critical to our self care, strength, and fitness for 2021 and long after. 

A massive thank you to Tempo for sponsoring this post (and making working out fun). Readers can use Tempo discount code ADVICE125 to get $125 off your Tempo home gym.