What to Look for in a Quality Facial

posted on August 30, 2018 | by Amanda Holstein

What to Look for in a Quality Facial

When I think about skincare in your thirties, I think about facials. Maybe some of you started getting those earlier in life, but it seems like by the time you hit 30, facials become an important part of your skin routine. As someone who’s never truly been happy with her skin, I’m thinking now’s the time to start getting serious. I’ve tried about a million products in my lifetime, have talked to plenty of “specialists”, but it wasn’t until my first quality facial that I feel like I’m finally on a good path with my skin.

A few months ago I had an absolutely incredible facial at International Orange, a local spa in the Bay Area that I highly recommend! Not only was the facial A+, but the experience was exactly what you want in a spa as well. Cozy robes, a lounge area with a fire going, the best shower you’ll ever have…I could go on! But let’s get back to the facial. The esthetician I saw at Interionatal Orange was the first person (out of any dermatologist or skin care specialist I’ve ever seen) that finally told me what my major skincare issue was: rosacea! Who knew?! That whole experience taught me so much about my skin, and what to even look for in a quality facial. So I thought I’d share that with you today!

1. They should take the time to analyze your skin.

While many skin specialists can take a quick glance at your skin and say things like, “It’s oily”, a good esthetician will really analyze your skin on a deeper level. They’ll take the time to ask you questions, how your skin reacts to things, how it’s changed over time, etc. to really pinpoint your skin type and current issues.

2. They should customize the facial to your skin type & needs.

A quality esthetician should then take that information and use it to customize your facial to your specific needs. For example, if your skin is super sensitive, they may skip a step or use a different product. They might even get so specific that they tailor their routine to different areas of your face, depending on how those areas react. If your facialist uses the same exact regimen on everyone, that might not be a good sign.

3. They should walk you through everything they’re going to do, in detail.

While you might get a brief overview of what to expect in your facial, a high-quality esthetician will go into more detail. They will explain each step, exactly what it will do for your skin, why your particular skin needs it, what results to expect, what products they are using, etc. You should also feel free to ask as many questions as possible, and they should answer them all in detail!

4. You shouldn’t leave with red, irritated skin.

I always thought facials meant you left with crazy looking skin. It turns out, a good facial shouldn’t leave you irritated. My skin is particularly sensitive and gets red super easily, and even I left with super soft, glowing, even-toned skin. It was amazing!

5. They should be licensed and have proper training.

You also want to make sure that you get a facial from a licensed esthetician who has received proper training. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their credentials or look them up beforehand. Doing a proper facial takes a lot of skill and knowledge, so you definitely want to go to someone who has all the right training!