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10 Things I Hope Stick Around In Our New Normal

posted on June 26, 2020 | by Heather Bien

10 Things I Hope Stick Around In Our New Normal

As we start to look forward to what reopening society means for our everyday lives, we’re likely dreaming of afternoons spent sipping rosé on our favorite cafe patio, heading to the beach, and inviting friends over for dinner just because. We’re exhausted from months spent at home, navigating grocery delivery, and trying to find the best place to buy masks.

But, not everything to come out of this bizarre time is negative. I’d say there are more than a few habits that have brought us closer together and provided us with an opportunity to slow down and appreciate what we have. So, while we’re all eager to wave goodbye to living in crisis-mode, here are 10 things I hope stick around in our new normal.

1. Catching Up With Friends Near and Far

Raise your hand if you’ve had a virtual happy hour with a friend you would never have called otherwise. So many of us are reaching out to groups of friends who we don’t always do the best job of keeping in contact with. It seems counterintuitive, but the barrier to entry on organizing a virtual get together is far lower than actually picking up the phone to call someone. Let’s keep this going. Let’s stay in touch. Pro tip: steer the conversation away from the pandemic

2. Experimenting in the Kitchen

We’ve all probably baked bread at this point, but, seriously, the time to cook and bake has been one of the highlights of this spring. I’ve made recipes that I previously deemed too complicated and dipped my toes into baking, despite swearing I wasn’t a baker. I’ve realized that it wasn’t necessarily time I was lacking––it was the motivation to try. Now, I hope that never goes away.

3. Daily Walks Around the Neighborhood

A walk around the neighborhood used to be a get out there, get it done fitness thing for me. Now, it’s my daily opportunity to enter the world and I’m now noticing all the gorgeous details around every corner. I’m not walking as fast, but I’m enjoying it so much more.

4. Appreciating the Little Moments of Happiness

Without big trips or up all night celebrations to look forward to, we’ve been forced to find joy in the little things. And, you know, sometimes social media gets a bad wrap, but I’ve loved getting a peek into my friends’ days on Insta stories to see what’s making them smile –– and gleaning ideas from their moments of happiness. Whether it’s a carefully made afternoon espresso or sending a quick note to a friend, the tiniest gestures can bring us so many good vibes.

5. At-Home Date Nights

From game nights to virtual cocktail classes to movie night with popcorn and a big soda, it’s been a blast recreating our favorite date nights at home. Sure, we cannot wait until we’re back in our favorite dimly lit bar, but, if you ask me, there might be a few more Friday nights at home in my future. Plus, they’re a budget-friendly alternative to a big night out!

6. Opening a Good Bottle of Wine Just Because It’s Friday

How many too-nice vintages have sat on your wine rack for years, waiting for a special occasion to see the light of day? Well, now every day can be an occasion. And, that’s how it should be! You deserve to treat yourself to the good stuff whenever you feel like it. You don’t need a reason.


7. Squeezing in 10-Minute Yoga Breaks

No surprise, it’s easier to fit a few sun salutations or an easy neck stretch into your day when you’re already in athleisure. And, those mini-breaks are saving us more days than not. So, don’t give that up even if you head back to an office. Come up with a quick routine you can do right at your desk and feel the calm wash over you.

8. That Slightly Extra Skincare Routine

Okay, raise your hand if you’re masking a bit more than usual? That indulgent sheet mask that you usually saved for Sunday nights is now a go-to on a Tuesday morning when you happen to have a few extra minutes. Why not?! Let’s make this extra attention to skincare an always thing because there’s never a downside to pampering yourself a little bit more.

9. Working When You’re At Your Best

When you’re working from home, your schedule might be a little bit looser. You might start at 10 AM and work ‘til 7 PM or, maybe you’re an early bird, clocking in at 6:30 AM and shutting it down by mid-afternoon. And, as more of us look towards remote life for the foreseeable future, I hope this schedule that works with your best internal clock continues to be the norm. 

10. Learning to Slow Down

Who hasn’t been guilty of over-scheduling themselves on occasion? It’s easy to slip into a pattern of forgetting that you need a night for self-care on occasion. What this time has taught us is that it’s okay to do nothing. You don’t have to go to happy hour every night. You can say no to plans. Just slow down.

So, what are your habits that you hope stick around long past reopening? Have you found more time to focus on yourself and new hobbies? Have you read more or finally discovered the time to perfect a new recipe? Let us know below!