3 Myths Hair Stylists Wish We Knew

posted on September 26, 2018 | by Jessica Sclamberg

3 Myths Hair Stylists Wish We Knew

As a hair stylist, I hear my fair share of hair myths from my clients. From how they should care for their hair, to color, to what to do before heading into the salon, I’ve heard it all! And since I’m all about us knowing more in life, I figured I’d set the record straight with 3 of the most common myths that’ll actually affect your hair. Here they are – I hope they help!

Showing up with dirty hair is better

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of going to a workout class and then heading straight to the salon. I know you have, so you might as well come clean (pun intended!). Way back in the day when hair color was much harsher, they advised people to come in with dirty hair so that there was a layer of oil on their scalp. This only ever applies to root touch-up color, not highlights. Highlights never touch your scalp. The coloring process has improved so much that this isn’t necessary anymore. So, do your hairdresser a favor and don’t show up with really dirty hair!

There’s a difference between a haircut and a trim

Hate to break it to you, but there is no difference if you’re coming in to get ¼ inch cut, 2 inches cut, or 5 inches cut – your stylist has to still go through the same procedure to cut your hair well. They’ll wash your hair, section your hair, and cut your hair the same way regardless of how much hair she or he is taking off your head that day. You can still request a trim, but don’t expect the price to change based on your request.

Not cutting your hair will make it grow

So, this isn’t what you want to hear, I know. We all want locks to grow fast, but in order to get your hair looking long and beautiful, you’ll have to take care of it. This means getting regular haircuts. Your hair grows an average of ½ inch per month. This should be obvious, but your hair grows out of your scalp. The reason your stylist wants you to come in for frequent haircuts and trims is because of split ends. When split ends occur, your hair actually splits into two and starts splitting up the hair shaft towards your scalp. Yikes! You do not want this to happen and let me tell you why.

When your hair starts breaking and then you go to your stylist, they are going to suggest cutting inches off to make your hair look healthy again. If you come in seasonally at least, they’ll take less off each visit, giving your hair the chance to grow even longer.

I’m feeling really good about calling out these myths. Do you feel as good as I do? I sure hope so! Being a 30-something myself, we’re in this together!