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3 Things That Are Different About Your 30s and 3 That Are Exactly the Same

posted on August 2, 2018 | by Chelsea Becker

3 Things That Are Different About Your 30s and 3 That Are Exactly the Same

Even though rounding number 30 seems like the change of a lifetime, it’s actually not that big of a deal. In fact, a lot of things feel the exact same. Sure your body starts to change and you might mature (a little), but it’s pretty amazing how much nothing changes overnight. I thought it’d be fun to round up some of the biggest changes I’ve noticed – and what feels similar compared to my twenties. Would love for you to weigh in on what you’ve witnessed in your 30s, too!

Same: You’re still trying to figure life out

I remember thinking by 30, I’d be married with kids and have all the answers. But that’s definitely not the case (other than the marriage thing). I still have a million questions and make a million mistakes. I still don’t know exactly what I want to with my life or what my purpose is. Even people who are 60 are reinventing and bettering themselves and confused with who they want to be. So here’s to figuring out life throughout all stages!

Different: The hangovers are REAL

Long gone are the days of waking up at 11 a.m. and eating a big greasy lunch and then feeling fine. My hangovers literally last for 3-4 days now and it’s like the exorcist in my bathroom (TMI but just being honest). Not to mention, the anxiety that I feel for doing nothing with my life the next day is almost as bad as the headache.

Same: You still don’t totally know how to handle your money

While I’ve gotten much better at saving money, I still don’t kill it when it comes to budgeting. Or setting goals for the future. This is actually something I’m focusing on this year and can’t wait to share more – but for now, I hope I’m not the only one who feels like a rookie when it comes to finances.

Different: You stop caring what people think

If there’s one thing I could tell my younger self, it’d be not to care so much what people think. This crippled me at times growing up and throughout my twenties. I wasted so much time not being me by trying to fit in, or being who someone wanted me to be. Boring! I’ve loved the sense of stability in myself this decade – it’s new and completely welcome. Yes, I still think of others from time to time but I don’t live my life based off of it.

Same: You’re still chasing a dream job

For most of us, we spent our 20s figuring out what to do with our career – or falling into whatever job landed in our lap after college. And while you (hopefully) move into a role that better suits your passions and skills in your 30s, most of us are still trying to find that dream job that doesn’t feel like work.

Different: You wear things that fit your body

In my twenties, I wore whatever was in style – no matter how it fit my frame. Looking back, it’s so obvious that I just needed to stick to the items that flattered me. Now, as a 31 year old, I only buy things that flatter my figure and I literally forget the rest. Thank gawd for realizing this!

OK your turn! What have you seen a change in when it comes to your 30s? What feels exactly the same?