8 Ways to Create a Swoonworthy Bedroom Now

posted on October 1, 2020 | by Heather Bien

8 Ways to Create a Swoonworthy Bedroom Now

Raise your hand if you’re spending more time than ever before focusing on how to make your home the most relaxing possible place to be in. 

Yup, basically all of us.

We’re trying to turn our bedrooms into calming sanctuaries from the craziness of the world now. I mean, even if we’re having trouble sleeping due to anxieties about everything from the pandemic to politics, we should still try to carve out a space that entices us to get into bed and forget about our troubles for a while. And, for some of us, we’re also trying to balance that desire with the need to carve out a place to work from home

So, whether your bedroom is simply your nighttime oasis or whether it has to serve a multi-function purpose, here are 8 ways to make your bedroom an absolutely swoon-worthy space.

1. Cut the Clutter

A relaxing bedroom is one that lets you unplug at night and totally let go. To do that, you need to get rid of mental clutter…and physical clutter. Take everything off your nightstands, your dressers, maybe even the walls. Then, take a long hard look and figure out what’s serving your space whether through function or beauty. Place only a few items back and see how much more serene it feels. Additionally, is your under-the-bed space crammed with boxes? Clean out unnecessary items, then rehome those that stay in sleek containers designed to slide under your bed.

2. Color, No-Color, Create the Space that Brings You Joy

A lot of the advice you’ll see out there entails shifting your color palette towards one of neutrals, blues, grays, and greens. But we think that your bedroom should be a retreat that delights you and, if that’s a space full of vibrant colors and bold prints, go for it! You wake up here every morning and go to bed here every night, so this should be a room that feels quintessentially you.

3. Tailor Your Bedding to the Season

If you live in a region with seasons, your July bedding shouldn’t be exactly the same as your January bedding. I like to use a lightweight quilt and a linen duvet throughout the spring and summer before transitioning to a flannel blanket, thick duvet, and faux fur blanket as an accent in the fall and winter. Even if you don’t actually need the extra insulation or lack thereof, adding a seasonal touch is always a wonderful way to mark the specialness of each season.

4. Design a Thoughtful Tablescape for Your Nightstand

You already cleared the clutter in tip #1, now it’s time to create a bedside tablescape that works for you. I like to keep mine super simple with a small fan, a Bluetooth speaker, a sleeping lip mask, and face oil. On my husband’s side, he has a ring dish and a book. We both have sconces mounted on the wall above our nightstands to save space. Maybe you love having fresh flowers or a beautiful carafe for your nightly glass of water. Perhaps a unique sculpture brings a smile to your face each night. Whatever it is, make sure it’s been thoughtfully placed there and serves a purpose –– even if that purpose is just to look pretty.

5. Invest in Low-Key Lighting

Look, overhead lights have their time and place, but a bedroom is not that time and place. It’s fine to have one for those occasions when you need a spotlight in the room, however, most days you’ll want to use table lamps or sconces with lightbulbs that give off a soft cast. I love a sconce on either side of the bed as a space-saving measure but a sleek lamp gets the job done, too. Use a 60-watt soft white bulb for the most soothing light.

6. Bring in Calming Fragrance

A favorite candle, a diffuser with lavender and eucalyptus, a rose-scented linen spray. It’s amazing how indulgent a delightful scent can be, particularly in your bedroom. 

7. Get the Air Circulating

I don’t know about you, but a bedroom with cool air circulating around is the ultimate in comfort. Seriously, is there anything better than cozying up under a fluffy duvet when you’re a bit chilly?! If you have the ability to, install a ceiling fan (you can find cheap sub-$150 options on Target!). If not, a cooling fan gets the job done. Set it right on your nightstand and let that gentle breeze lull you to sleep.

8. Separate Day From Night

Okay, this is for those of you who are navigating the bedroom/boardroom conundrum. It’s inevitable if you live in a studio or have roommates that you are likely taking your Zoom calls from the same space where you’re trying to get your Zzz’s. So, what can you do? Carve out distinct roles for the room and assess whether you can get your bed out of sight during video calls and then put the “office” away at night. Can you position your desk in front of a window (ideal Zoom light!) that also avoids a direct view of your bed? Can you get a desk with a drawer that tucks away your computer and keyboard at night? While a total separation may not be possible, you can create day and night identifiers that help you shift your mindset.

So, have you done a bedroom refresh while you’ve been staying home this year? Let us know how you’ve turned your bedroom into a welcome retreat throughout the pandemic or how you’re making a multi-tasking sleep/office space work for you.