How to Create a Makeshift Home Office

posted on April 1, 2020 | by Amanda Holstein

How to Create a Makeshift Home Office

Well, I don’t think this topic could have come at a better time. Since the majority of us are stuck at home as we wait out the coronavirus situation, I think we’re all realizing just how difficult it is to work from home! As someone who has been running a business from home for the past 8 years, I’m very familiar with the topic! I’ve had to create home office areas in all sorts of different spaces, from tiny studio apartments to temporary Airbnbs while traveling. Having that separate space where you can really focus and create a boundary between work and home is super important — not just for your productivity, but for your mental health as well. So here’s what I suggest:

1. Choose a location that you don’t use regularly.

Whether you have a guest room, a corner of a living room, or even half of the dining table, it’s important to designate a specific space as your workspace. Having a designated area will help keep you organized and focused. You’ll take your work calls from here and leave your work documents & computer there when you’re not using it. Make it clear to anyone else you live with that this is temporarily your workspace and to treat it that way. If you can choose a space with a door you can shut, even better!

2. Consider the orientation of your “desk”.

Either put a small writing desk in the area you chose, or use whatever table is available. Whichever you choose, set up this space like an actual office desk. What we look at while we work can make a big impact on our productivity and focus. Think about whether you prefer looking outside vs. a clean wall with no distractions. Turning your desk so that you’re facing the room can feel very empowering for some, but may be distracting for you. Try out a couple different directions and see what feels good — listen to your body!

3. Organize your “desk”.

Get your computer, notebook, a cup for pens, and some storage containers. I suggest keeping this space as clean and organized as possible to minimize anxiety and distraction. Keep the clutter out of this area. Whether you store things in a closet or you have some storage containers on hand, find spots for all of your work-related things. A clear desk means a clear mind! (I totally just made that up, but it’s pretty true, right?)

4. Create a vibe that encourages focus & inspires.

Now’s the fun part. It’s your job to create the vibe of this space, so really think about how you want to feel when you’re working there. What inspires you or helps you focus? Consider adding a lamp, a candle, a plant, a photo of your family, a vase of flowers, and so on. These small touches are what makes this space feel like it’s own separate “room”.

Right now, it can seem nearly impossible to separate your work life from your home life. But creating your own work area can make a huge difference! And if you need help, I’m here for you!! I’m now offering interior design services and I’m SO EXCITED! You can literally book a Virtual Design Consultation with me RIGHT HEREI’m even offering a discount right now since things are pretty crazy for everyone! Looking forward to hearing from you :).