How to Make Money While You Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

posted on April 7, 2020 | by Heather Bien

How to Make Money While You Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

If you are doing your part for our global community by socially distancing, chances are you’ve got a list of lingering projects around the house that you’re eager to start tackling. At the top of my list is cleaning out closets, with a particular emphasis on cleaning out clothes. 

And, there’s no better time to go through your wardrobe than spring! First of all, it’s the season of spring cleaning. You’re ready to lighten your load figuratively and literally to make space in your home to usher in a new, sunnier season. 

Second, as you’re transitioning from one season to the next, you can look at your closet with a fresh eye, assessing what you did and did not wear over the past six months. Which pieces hung unworn in your closet? Which made you feel “blah” when you put them on? Of those pieces, which ones still have plenty of life left in them…for someone else?

Once you’ve got your castaways organized, you may be wondering where you can make a few dollars off these items to help spruce up your wardrobe for the next season. That’s why we’re rounding up 5 of our go-to spots for making money while cleaning out your closet and when to turn to each one. 

5 Ways to Make Money While You Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Consignment Shops

If you’re selling anything from mid-range to high-end or if you have smaller labels that may not have name recognition on a large resale website, then a consignment shop can be a great option. You’ll take your pieces in, they’ll sort through what they want, they’ll set the prices, and you’ll pick up a check or use your credit as the pieces sell.

Resale Shops

For a convenient option, look to a resale shop where you can take your clothes and receive immediate cash or store credit for the pieces they choose to take. This is a great option for clothes from Target or fast-fashion labels that may not have the search potential to sell online. Typically, you’ll make between 30-50 percent of the amount they plan on pricing the item. The prices are often set low but, again, this option is all about convenience. 


With mid-range brands like J.Crew, Kate Spade, and more, Poshmark is a great place to list your own pieces. You’ll take your own photos (aim for bright light and a blank background!) and set your own prices, but know that items should be priced to sell. Buyers can make offers, sellers can counteroffer, and, when items sell, you’ll package them up within 4 business days to ship out. 

The RealReal

If you have high-end pieces, The RealReal should be your first stop. Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton purse, an Hermes scarf, or Gucci loafers, this is the place to sell your designer goods. You can send pieces via a Consignment Kit or request an in-person appointment in one of 21 cities. They’ll take care of photography, pricing, and listing for you.

Coupons at Retail Stores

Looking to replace your items with new ones? Check out the programs at stores like Madewell or H&M where you can earn a coupon for bringing in clothes to donate. 

Lastly, remember that you can also donate your clothes to local charities, particularly if you have business clothes that are still in excellent condition. Check out organizations like Dress for Success or local women’s shelters to see where your items could find a second life while helping someone in need.