How I’m Getting Through the Holidays As a New Mom

posted on December 6, 2019 | by Chelsea Becker

How I’m Getting Through the Holidays As a New Mom

When people used the term “mom brain” before I had my son, honestly, I’d roll my eyes. I was always one of those people with their life together (well, most of the time), and I’d heckle my husband for forgetting random things 24/7. My brain was in good shape!

And then I became a mom.

Now, I’m forgetting random things around the house, like closing the garage door 4x a week, to ordering things for my son (you know, important things like diapers), the list goes on. I’m a full mom-brainer and I apologize to any moms I judged before parenthood took over my brain.

So how am I going to survive the busiest time of the year with half a brain? Here’s my plan!

Getting a smart garage

I can actually check this off the list (heck yes!) because I got through this one last week. To go along with the theme of finding things that make my life easier, enter myQ Smart Garage Technology and Key by Amazon in-garage delivery. Say whatttt? Yep, Amazon and Chamberlain Group Inc. (CGI) have made my life even easier by connecting to myQ smart garage technology.

In our house, Amazon Prime is LIFE and we get at least a package a day – mainly stuff for the house and Cooper. So instead of me not seeing packages on our doorstep for days or the whole not-closing-the-garage-door problem mentioned above, we got hooked up with a smart garage system.

A really nice gentleman came over and installed a new LiftMaster garage door opener with LED lighting and built-in myQ smart technology that works exclusively with Key by Amazon for in-garage delivery. Once I downloaded the myQ App I simply linked it to the Amazon Key App. Now, when I’m checking out I can select in-garage delivery and all my Amazon Prime deliveries/holiday presents will be safely set inside the garage (especially genius if you live in an area with a missing-package problem or bad weather).

Additionally, the myQ App allows me to let family members in if we don’t have an extra key over Thanksgiving and Xmas, see who’s coming and going, and close the garage door if I forgot. My husband cannot stop talking about our new garage door opener’s LED light that automatically comes on with motion sensory, which I gotta admit is one more helpful thing – especially as I’m carrying laundry load #14 into the previously dark garage before bed.

If you’re not in the market for a new garage door opener, the great news is you can easily make your existing garage door opener smart with the myQ Smart Garage Hub I highly recommend getting myQ-connected and taking advantage of Key by Amazon in-garage delivery, so if you’re interested in it (mom or not) and want to see if it’s available in your area, click here!

Shared digital lists

My husband started sharing ‘notes’ with me on our phones and I rely on them like it’s my job. I literally cannot remember things for the life of me anymore, and these shared lists help. We now communicate on everything from grocery lists to things to do that week to what to order our son, Cooper, and so on. We have a shared digital calendar as well, and I’m officially that person who needs a list to survive. If it’s not written down, it’s not happening.

Not doing as much

I’m a new mom so this year, I’m going to be a lot easier on myself this time of year. My son is still a baby and the truth is, he’s not going to remember this Christmas! So, if I don’t make the perfect Thanksgiving, sue me. If I don’t buy him presents, he won’t know the difference. And if I don’t attend every holiday event, my friends will understand. I love this time of the year as much as anyone, but this year I’m taking it slow and focusing on time with family and friends – not all the stressful things that can take away from that. Pretty sure this mom brain needs a break anyways.

This post was sponsored by Chamberlain Group Inc. As always, all thoughts are our own.