How I’ve Changed My Skincare Routine in My 30s

posted on July 31, 2018 | by Chelsea Becker

How I’ve Changed My Skincare Routine in My 30s

One of the best things about my 20s had to be my skin. It seemed to be in its prime; the acne from high school chilled out, I didn’t have wrinkles, and it was naturally hydrated (even when I spent nearly every weekend eating crap and drinking booze). And then somewhere around my 30th birthday, my skin decided to freak the F out. I got cystic acne the size of golf balls on my jawline, started getting red around my nose, and helloooo lines and wrinkles.

After ignoring things for a while, I decided to stop trying to slather foundation on like it was the Mac counter in 2002 and instead deal with it. I saw a dermatologist and started the trial and error process of what worked and what didn’t. And eventually, I got to a place that I was (usually) happy with. Here’s what I’ve changed!

Starting wearing less makeup

Though I’m still a fan of tinted moisturizers or even foundation when I need it, I go a few days a week wearing zero makeup. Instead of letting products sit and clog pores, I go through my a.m. skincare routine and let my skin breath. I save the heavy makeup for weddings or other fun events – and have no shame in running errands or even going to dinner sans makeup. Even if my skin doesn’t look its best. #thisis30

Experimented with clean beauty

As a clean beauty junkie, I’m stoked to share about this on the site! I started seeing dramatic differences in my skin when I went less toxic. I found products that actually worked – without harmful chemicals. I’m not perfect, and not all my products are clean, but overall, I’ve incorporated safer products into my routine (especially with skincare).

Treated my hormonal acne

This was one major change I had to make, as I didn’t deal with cystic and hormonal acne in my twenties. Instead of only reacting to zits, I’m now preventative about them. I rub this magical cream on my jawline a couple times a week before bed, even though I look a little cray. It does wonders for preventing those underground blemishes. I can’t recommend it enough if you struggle with this type of acne, too!

Cleansed once a day

Because I grew up with oily skin, I was always taught to wash my skin a couple times a day. By doing this, I thought I was cleansing my skin of oils. Wrong! Just like over-washing your hair, you’re actually stripping your skin of healthy oils and tricking your body/skin/scalp into producing more. Now, I only wash once a day – at night before bed.

Anti-aging products

Welp, my mom was right. I should have started preventing lines and wrinkles before they came. But because I had more important things to deal with in my twenties (like having fun), I didn’t. I started using a gentle retinol for lines and wrinkles last year, along with this amazing eye cream. Both of those products are non-toxic yet I’ve seen results.

Got consistent

If there’s one thing I can recommend when looking to improve your skincare routine, it’s to get consistent. My twenties were anything but consistent, but I can’t get away with that anymore. I spend 5-10 minutes morning and night going through my full skincare routine, and it makes such a difference. More on my full routine to come!

Skincare Sundays

On top of my nighttime and morning routine, I’m a total grandma and spend Sundays focusing on my skin. This means steaming, exfoliating, a mask (love this one), and even a facial massage using my jade roller. This whole routine relaxes me and I go into Monday looking fresh.

Began eating and drinking for my skin

OK so this part sucks, but it’s the truth: coffee and alcohol are totally dehydrating for your skin. And foods like sugar and proceeds goods can also wreck havoc. I notice a MAJOR difference when I’m treating my skin from the inside out. Now I try to drink a shit ton of water, especially in the morning with my coffee or if I’m having a glass of vino at night. I also try to get in a bunch of hydrating foods like celery and cucumber – and then also leafy greens and healthy fats from avocados, nuts and seeds, etc. I also…womp womp…try to limit sugar to a couple times a week (because I’m not a unicorn – I need my sweets!).


I used to try out a new product almost daily. I love trying new products! But constantly changing up products and ingredients on my skin wasn’t doing it any favors. Again, I couldn’t get away with this in my thirties like I could when I was 25. I now only incorporate one new product every couple weeks.

Let me know if there’s a specific issue you’re dealing with when it comes to your “matured” skin. Lots more to come on the site with beauty and my skincare routine!

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